Show simple item record Лебідь, Людмила Логутіна, Наталія 2020-05-25T11:57:11Z 2020-05-25T11:57:11Z 2020-05-15
dc.identifier.citation 2) Логутіна Н.В., Лебідь Л.П. “Black and white” of the online lеarning / Логутіна Н.В., Лебідь Л.П. // IV міжнародна наук.- практ. інтернет- конф. Сучасні виклики і актуальні проблеми науки, освіти та виробництва: міжгалузеві диспути, ( Київ, 15 травня 2020р.). – Київ: ISSN 2708-1257, 2020. – С. 221-224. uk_UA
dc.description.abstract Saying “Black and White”, we mean the benefits and disadvantages of online learning. Whether you’re a high-school teacher looking to engage your students in a more interactive way, or a corporate trainer hired by a large company to design training curricula, e-learning packs a punch when it comes to benefits that make the creation and delivery processes easier and hassle-free. Important benefits are outlined below. uk_UA
dc.language.iso en_US uk_UA
dc.subject e-learning uk_UA
dc.subject benefits uk_UA
dc.subject face-to-face learning uk_UA
dc.subject advantage uk_UA
dc.subject online course uk_UA
dc.title Black and white” of the online lеarning uk_UA
dc.type Thesis uk_UA

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